Teas, please

If you are not a tea lover, or if you are a coffee lover, DO NOT worry!  No one is asking you to give up your coffee or to gulp down something you don’t like.  Chances are, you at least like iced tea, or are open to trying a tea, I am assuming, or you wouldn’t be here.

Tea contains many nutrients that are important for the health of both body and mind. While the actual leaves of tea contain many nutrients, not all of these nutrients are present in the infusion that is consumed.  What is really interesting is that as you hear what nutrients teas have to offer, they will sound familiar - these are the components that vitamin companies have been trying to replicate in isolated forms.  It is because they are known to be so beneficial to the body in tea, that supplement companies are looking to isolate the component for its specific benefits.  We know, however, that isolates are never found in nature; everything that a human body is expecting comes in a complex and perfect package, in which each piece complements the others.

Teas contain vital antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that may benefit a host of health concerns, such as:

Cardiovascular disease

Neurological diseases

Bone disease

Certain cancers

Blood sugar imbalance

Oral health concerns

Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions

In addition, teas have been shown to support the immune system, slow down the aging process,M maintain healthy weight, and reduce stress. Teas and tisanes also make you feel full, satisfied, and can introduce some quiet to an otherwise busy day. I often suggest that my clients include teas as as part of a nighttime routine to encourage a restful sleep.

Try these superstar teas to start:

Dandelion leaf or root - Loaded with glutathione, supports liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

Red Clover - my newest favorite!  Red Clover is known to soothe the nervous system, assist in balancing hormones, provide relief for bronchial problems, aid in healing infections, help improve fertility, cleanse the lymphatic, flush fat out of the cells and lymph, and act as a tonic for the digestive tract. 

Chamomile - (not for pregnant women or ragweed allergies) promotes sleep, calming for stress/anxiety, also good for digestive system (especially gas, stomach aches, ulcers, cramps, constipation), also good for brochial/sinus congestion, migraines.  Anti-inflammatory:  good for arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other inflammatory conditions.  Helps liver to purge toxins, it is anti-bacterial and antifungal - fights colds, flus, infections, and with its mild flavor, is great for kids.  Can even be used as a topical remedy for bug bites, sunburn, chickenpox, eczema, puffy eyes/dark circles. (cooled tea bag)

Note: Consuming tea in moderate quantities is generally considered to be safe and a great way to supplement your diet with nutrients that support the various systems of the body. The consumption of tea, however, may have some negative effects for a select few. Consult your doctor if you are prone to, or currently experiencing, any of the following:

Anemia or Other Iron Absorption Conditions

Chemotherapy Interaction

Kidney Stones

Caffeine Sensitivity