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Coming soon: Ayurveda for fall

New! Raising healthy eaters

Loving the sun

Essential travel tips

Why sprout?

Introduction to Ayurveda

Meditation for those who think they can’t

How to breathe

Do-it-yourself upgrades

Building a (guilt-free) self-care practice

Teas, please

Lighten up

Healthy kitchen staples

The truth about water

 Why say no to GMOs?

Feeding your chakras

Smart restaurant strategies

Love your liver

Secrets to natural beauty

Stress and whole body nutrition

What about protein?

helpful documents:
Food-mood diary

It's easy being green

The gut-brain connection

Ten steps to a healthier brain

Making organics affordable

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sprouting guide

helpful documents:
spring list
summer list
winter list
My Spontaneous Summer Garden (composting blog)

Cultivating a healthy relationship with food

Creating a nontoxic home

Mind, food and mood

helpful documents:
food-mood diary

Deciphering food labels

helpful documents:
food labels 1
food labels 2

Essential oils 101

Supporting natural immunity

Fueling your train

Raw & Superfoods part 1

Raw & Superfoods part 2

Essential oils in the kitchen

I'm toxic too

helpful documents:
spring foods list

Eating for energy

Breaking the sugar cycle

documents needed:
yin yang chart

Spring Cleaning class 1

class 1 documents:
AI shopping list
reboot recipes

Spring Cleaning class 2

class 2 documents:
intestinal wall
inflammation response
plan 1
plan 2

Spring Cleaning class 3

class 3 documents:
ayurvedic questionnaire
ayurvedic body types

Spring Cleaning class 4

class 4 documents:
lifestyle suggestions

Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food

Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food (live at Organic Krush, June 2016)