The #1 Ingredient for Vibrant Health

It's the number one ingredient for health, and yet most of us start our day in deficiency.  Throughout the night, our bodies are using available water to cleanse our organs and detoxify.  We basically wake up with a dried out raisin for a liver - and brain!  Instead of waking up to a glass of fresh spring water, so many of us further dehydrate our bodies with a cup of coffee or tea, and then spend the rest of the day desperately trying to get hydrated.  Add soda or alcohol in that day, and you may never actually be fully hydrated.

Hydration is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that water helps to flush out the many toxins we absorb daily, just by walking around this planet, breathing its air.  Our livers and kidneys rely on the flow of water to aid in moving out dangerous poisons.  

I often hear people say that they cannot drink enough water, they don't like the taste, or they simply don't enjoy it.  I get it.  Unfortunately, if we wait until we are super thirsty, the deep dehydration has already set in. Here's my response to making hydration simple and even kind of fun :) 

1. Eat your water.  Did you know that raw fruits and vegetables are super hydrating?  Cucumbers, celery, strawberries, watermelon, spinach and tomatoes are all over 90% water!  Other hydrating foods include lettuces, radishes, zucchini, peppers and citrus fruits.  It's no surprise that many of these are summer foods, available just when Mother Nature knows we need them most :)

2. Drink raw juices.  Not only are fresh-pressed juices hydrating, but they help to keep us cool on hot summer days.  New to juicing?  Check out my Juice recipes and Juicing 101 post to get started!

3. Drink clean water in a cool glass bottle.  Spring water is what humans have been drinking since the beginning of our existence on the planet.  The earth literally filters it for us!  If spring water is not available to you, look into one of my favorite finds, the Kishu charcoal filter for water bottles.  And ditch the plastic bottles, so that we aren't taking in more toxins that we will eventually have to flush out!  Invest in an awesome glass bottle that you can take with you everywhere you go.

4. Keep your water bottle at your bedside.  This is a simple trick that makes a he difference.  Having access to water is half of the battle - if your bottle is right in front of you as soon as you get up, you will take a drink.  You can even squeeze a lemon into it before bed, and in the morning, you have your AM alkaline drink ready to charge you for the day.

5. Drink first when you feel hungry.  Did you know that there is one satiety center in the brain that calls for satisfaction for the four desires for food, water, sleep and sex?  So you might think you are craving one thing, when in fact, it is really another that your body is calling for.  Best bet:  drink a glass of water first, and then see how you feel!

6. Try a water infusion.  Adding food to your water really does make a difference.  It's tastier, more interesting, and also kind of fun.  I bought a glass infuser pitcher to leave on the counter and enjoy when I am home.  I like to add lemon, lime and orange all together.  Mint, basil, strawberry, cucumber and ginger are all great for jazzing up that plain old H2O.