FeedingYourLife.com is not your ordinary health and wellness website, and our videos are not your ordinary cooking demos.

Most cooking videos on tv or YouTube focus on technique or creative ideas for cooking dishes you may not have tried before (which is great), but Feeding Your Life has a different mission:

We're teaching you not just how to cook, but WHY.

We understand what it's like not knowing how to prepare vegetable-based dishes, whole grains, and superfoods, and we break it down so that anyone can be a healthy kitchen pro.  

We also get it that many health-seekers want to know what foods they should be eating for their specific health conditions, and so we answer that as well.  Here, you will get technique, tips, creative recipes, AND an education on how and why the best foods on the planet fuel the human body.

Scroll down and click on the recipes below for our mini cooking lessons. Happy, healthy cooking!


Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food (live at Organic Krush, June 2016)