Health Coaching Testimonials

"Working with Jen changed my life. I no longer come to eating, or life really, with a sense of fear. I have learned to slow down and take things one step at a time. Add something in and then see how I am responding to that before jumping to the next thing. This works so well with both positive and negative. The results of indulging in food or activity that are not good for my body are so much more apparent and much easier for me to say, "Thanks, but no thanks." 

"I love Jen's conversational approach to teaching.  There is a bottomless, boundless sea of misinformation in the world today. I have changed the way I look at my body and the way I fuel myself, both body and soul. You owe it to yourself to find the right guide. Jen is my guide!" ~ Kristen D.


"I heard Jen speak at a workshop and signed up for my free consultation immediately. This was one of the best decisions of my life. I was tired of dieting, I was on every new diet that came out. Jen helped me change my way of dealing with diets with her vast knowledge of good healthy food. I now eat healthy, clean, unprocessed, organic food and feel wonderful! I am always reading labels for ingredients even on make-up! Jen has introduced me to many authors and products that have helped me open up to a whole new world of holistic health and positive well being. She has the latest information and not only counsels you, but lives and breathes this life herself with passion and commitment. I have never met anyone with more compassion for people and what she believes in than I have with Jen. If you are searching for good health, self worth, happiness, more energy, positive thinking, more knowledge about food and cooking (Jen's cookbook is a family staple in my house), helpful tools/products and a life changing experience then give yourself the gift of Jen! You will be so happy you did! I am so happy my life has crossed paths with such an incredible woman!" ~ Lisa B. 

"I signed up for Jen's Jumpstart Program because I was concerned about my elevated liver enzymes and wanted to explore holistic nutrition as a means for improving my condition. I wasn't sure what to expect, but in just a matter of weeks, I learned so much about the body's response to wholesome, nutritional foods. Even someone like myself who has always eaten a healthy, balanced diet, was able to adopt new methods of cooking and shopping for foods that my body appreciates. Jen took the time to answer and explain all of my questions. The sessions with Jen are never rushed and are ALWAYS informative. She is a wealth of knowledge and I learned so much more than I expected to learn.

I would absolutely recommend Jen to everyone I know. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and she's so eager to share that knowledge with her clients. For anyone who is struggling with their health or nutrition, don't feel like traditional medicine is the only option for you. There are so many other areas to explore and there are great people like Jen who want to help people feel their best."  ~Valerie E.

"To start, Jen helped me to to set goals for myself, specific to my health and weight management goals. Then, I learned that I didn't have to eliminate foods but add in things that would crowd out the bad. I was able to add foods into my diet, eat more plant based meals and be kind to myself if I faultered. I also found our one to one sessions great!  Jen's recipes were easily available as well as delicious to make.  I would recommend Jen's program to anyone who needs to lose weight and wants to have healthy alternative to doing so without feeling like they are giving up anything. After this experience, I will continue to be on my journey to health, happiness and learning. I will stay in contact with Jen for her classes, as her website is informative and a great resource."  ~Louise R.

"The support from Jen was wonderful! It was so helpful to have 1:1 sessions with Jen. I was able to ask all the questions (silly or not) that I had, and it was all about me. I learned a lot of new information and things I never knew about nutrition. When I was down on myself, Jen was my cheerleader. She was very generous in the resources she gave me to take home and try out. I feel better, and I feel like I'm making better choices. I feel like I have the tools to help me make better decisions about what I eat. I also feel like I understand food a lot better now and am starting to eat more organic food. I'm eating more greens than ever now and feeling good!" ~Steph M.


"Jennifer's Jumpstart Program was the best gift I have ever given myself. Prior to starting the program I felt hungry all the time (although always eating), dehydrated, and a major lack of energy. I desperately wanted to stop feeling so unhealthy all the time, however when I thought about change I felt overwhelmed with where to begin. I knew I needed the help of a professional to get me started and on my way. I made an appointment with Jennifer and at our first meeting I knew that this was the angelic mentor I had been seeking to set me up and get me started. In a short time Jennifer had me immersed in a healthy turn around program that counseled, educated and set me on my way to an incredible journey. She taught me how to take control over the food and health choices I make. In a matter of weeks I started feeling full, nourished, hydrated, satisfied,energetic, shed pounds, and physically noticed healthier looking skin and hair. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to begin to live healthy and feel nourished. What I learned from the program in six weeks would have taken me years to learn on my own. Jennifer has a gift and she so graciously shares her knowledge and expertise in a gentle way that makes the transition so easy. If I had to describe the program in one word, it would be "Amazing." Thank you Jennifer!!! ~ Kathy L.


"My 3-month course with Jennifer was one of the best birthday presents I ever gave myself! I turned 50, and decided it was time to take care of my body and spirit. Jennifer provided amazing advice on nutrition and food, but even more than that, she helped me see other ways I was sabotaging my life with negativity, and gave me ideas on ways to make changes that would heal me physically and spiritually. It was a wonderful investment in me!" ~ Jenna K.


"After the six month program with Jen, I am happier, healthier, and more positive.  I have more energy, and if I am low, I know what to do.  We enjoy eating at home because we always feel better.  My husband and I are closer than ever.  I am able to control my health with food...our medicine cabinet has no medicine it it!"  ~Michele W.


"Jen is an exceptional holistic health counselor with great intuition. She has helped me turn my life around from a reliance on unhealthy, processed foods, to a more balanced, organic approach. She also taught me about the relationship between food and feelings and how this can impact our food choices. I am grateful for all the advice she has given me and which I have implemented into my life in countless ways."  ~Kara G.


"After working with Jen, I have lost a tremendous amount of weight (45 pounds total), I have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and I am always ready to get up and go.  I have more energy, and most importantly, I feel better about myself.  I am always conscious of what I put into my body and making choices based on how I want to feel." ~John T.

"I feel like I am now emerging, opening up and looking at life and health with such positivity and confidence.  I've learned so much that I apply in my new-found, content life." ~Ronnie T.

"I have more mental clarity, energy and I have lost two pant sizes, but for me, the most tangible result is the way others react to me.  On a daily basis, I now hear, "You look so happy,' 'You have lost weight,' and 'Wow, you just look great!'" - Scott A. 

"I am now making better choices and even enjoying foods I never knew existed!  My improved choices have brought many changes:  22-pound weight loss, down from size 24 to size 14, my LDL has dropped significantly as has my blood sugar levels.  Most importantly, my energy level has been great.  I was amazed by the Whole Foods tour and the "green wall," and I loved Jennifer's cooking classes.  This has been a great experience for me." ~Terry D.

Jen, you are knowledgeable and passionate about your work. You not only clearly believe what you teach, and practice it yourself (with your gorgeous glowing skin :) but you have up to date information in your field, showing you didn't just learn a trade, but you continue to educate yourself with new information in the field of holistic and nutritional health. And then you pass this on with compassion, trying to fit it to each lifestyle you encounter. ~Erika D.

"I was NEVER health conscious and I NEVER believed in Holistic Medicine or Holistic anything else...I can't believe in such a short period of time I am very interested in changing my life for the better. Also, my mood has been uplifted and I try to share my new found knowledge with others. Thank you so much Jennifer for bringing me to the light. Better late than never!" ~Phyllis S.

I have always been a “glass is half empty” kind of person.  So, when I started working with Jen Kelly, I was only partially expecting any kind of changes.   I was in for a surprise….I didn't anticipate how much I would evolve over the six months working with Jen as my holistic health counselor.  Her program allowed me to reach my potential.  Through each session, Jen helped me to become aware of issues underlying my poor eating habits.  She listened, gently probed, and offered specific recommendations.  I was able to create new and better habits based on Jen’s advice and support.  Her "add-in" approach worked as a subtle and gradual way for me to make little changes over time, that have now become second nature.  I didn't even know what a goji berry was before meeting Jen.  Now, I eat them often!  I have dramatically changed the contents of the refrigerator, pantry, and the dinner plate.  

I would never have thought I could make changes that would be so profound in all areas of my life.  I have a more positive outlook.  There is a new lightness and brightness about me.   I have lost weight (20 lbs!), and seen improvements in my skin, hair and nails.  I have avoided being on medications for high cholesterol and triglycerides - making real changes in my blood work. Overall, I have new found energy for myself and my family.

Jen has given me new life.  She has given me the tools I need to make choices that benefit my body and therefore, me and my family.  I am confident that these changes, brought along due to Jen Kelly, are permanent.   I have many, many blessings in my life, and Jen Kelly is one of them.  I'm happy to describe myself as “seeing the glass half-full” now and I'll never go back!  This is the only way to live - let Jen show you the way, too!!   ~ Jennifer Z

"Meeting Jennifer was one of the best things to happen in my life at this time.  I truly enjoyed every session - Jen understood me, my fears and anxieties.  She opened my eyes to different foods and to understanding their purpose.  All the changes have made a significant change in my health - my cholesterol and triglycerides have dropped to healthy levels and my energy has increased.  Thank you, Jen."  Love, Pat S. 

I highly recommend Jennifer Kelly.  She is extremely knowledgeable, as well as compassionate and caring. She is sincerely interested in helping her clients holistically and takes the time to understand their needs, and put together an individualized, custom plan for each person.  I have used her catering services as well as her counseling services and I highly recommend both.  I have already referred Jen to many of my friends. ~Susan O.

"Jen is a gentle soul that has guided me step by step and sometimes inch by inch through my maze of thoughts, beliefs and wishes to achieve my desires and my dreams.  Before finding Jen, I can remember knowing deep in my heart what I wanted to achieve-ultimate physical and spiritual health.  Just those words alone are monumental.  The desire for this was overwhelming which led to stagnation.  The universe heard my wish and Jen came into my life.  Through caring words, kind suggestions and a gift for listening, Jen is helping me achieve my dream. I've gained an inner peace to be envious of; I've become a mom that will guide her boys with love, patience and understanding through life's joys and obstacles; and I am a better wife, sister and friend, and most of all I'm a better person because of the work I've done with Jen.  To say I am grateful is an understatement." xo, Jen M.


"When I first came to Jen, I knew I needed a change in my life but wasn’t truly certain of what or how that change would take place.  I wanted to eat better and have more energy - I wanted to feel better, whatever that meant. I ended up getting so much more than that.  I couldn’t have imagined the overall impact Jen’s services would have on my life. 

Over a 6 month period, I changed the way I eat, shop, cook, exercise, feel, and I incorporated my mind, body, and spirit throughout it all…which was huge for me.  I set and accomplished all my goals and then some.  I looked forward to every visit with Jen.  She is so genuine and treats her clients with such love. She tailors the program to your specific needs as you go.

I used to get frequent heartburn. Acid-reducer was a staple in my medicine cabinet. Since working with Jen, I’ve noticed a huge decrease in the amount of heartburn I experience. I started shopping the perimeter of the food store and "made friends" with the wall of greens.  I initiated and have committed to an exercise routine that works for me. My overall energy level is much higher now. I get so much more done in my day compared to before. As an added bonus, I’ve lost at least 10 pounds. 

I’ve added in many of Jen’s self-care suggestions and I’ve discovered how I block and limit myself when Jen reminded me that I deserve everything I desire.  I was introduced to the amazing works of authors like Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain whom I continue to read and learn from. I also decided on my career path during my time with Jen and I recently started graduate school. I realized that I wasn’t in a healthy relationship and I was given so many tools along the way to get myself through a break up and truly take care of myself during that rough time. So many changes, big and small, took place in my life during those 6 months.

For anyone who is trying to make a health change in their life, Jen will guide you beyond what you could imagine.  Jen provides an invaluable service and it is some of the best money I’ve ever spent on myself."  - Joanna H.

"The experience I’ve had with Jen Kelly has truly changed my life. Not only has my body changed, but my entire way of thinking.  Jen is a pleasure to work with- at each session she discussed the way my life worked, how eating healthy was possible while juggling a full-time job and a family. My entire outlook and the way I look at food and my body has changed for good!  I am much more in tune with my body’s needs than I ever have been. I know now what is lacking- whether it’s a green vegetable, exercise, or simply a different mental approach. My body has changed, but best of all, I now approach every day with an altered attitude about dieting and health.  Anyone who is thinking about personal health goals should see someone like Jen Kelly. Better yet, see Jen herself! Remember to be patient and kind and love yourself. (I learned that from Jen!)   Feeding Your Life rocks!" ~ Stephanie T.

Living to eat.  It’s possible that could best describe my eating patterns prior to embarking on this 6 month program. A sluggish energy day was accepted as just getting older. But the human body is a wonderful engine. It deserves more. It yearns for optimal fuel to support optimal performance.  My husband and I felt the positive effects of your program almost immediately. Following your recipes seemed so simple after just a few weeks. Our choices in the supermarket have switched from processed foods to living foods, and they taste much more flavorful. We have lost weight and feel younger with no health concerns to speak of. Our home has become 100% organic - not only food, but shampoo, toothpaste and make-up. 

Jen, your enthusiastic attitude is contagious.  Throughout this program you were approachable, encouraging and non-judgmental. We felt we could ask you anything without the risk of feeling embarrassed.  We wish we had done this years ago, but like you pointed out to us, it's never too late to start.

The best advertisement is word of mouth. You can be sure we have told our family and friends about this transformation and your help in getting us there.

This journey has only begun for us. We thank you for your kindness and patience.  

Yes, we started this program living to eat.  But with your guidance and understanding, I am glad to say we now EAT TO LIVE. And what a glorious feeling that is…

Yours in health,       
Kathy and Jack

"Dear Jennifer,  Thank you so much for being such a wonderful guide in my life. Our meetings were informative, enlightening and fun. I have incorporated so many great, different foods in my diet. I am achieving my goal of more greens and grains and feel better for it. Who would think I would be eating kale, dark chocolate and beans?! Thanks for your recipes and all your knowledge. Mostly, thank you for making our sessions a time I looked forward to due to your great, easygoing personality."  ~Warm regards, Kathy P.

"Jennifer, The experience of working with you has been a gift I gave to myself - it has made me aware of my connection with food on a deeper level and given me the tools I need for growth.  The information I learned about the keys to great health are a part of me now, as are the spiritual lessons I learned in the process.  I truly appreciate working with you."  ~Jeanmarie W. 

"Dear Jennifer, I want to let you know (although I have said it before) just how much I have benefited from my time with you.  All of the counseling and information you have given me really helped me more than you can imagine during the time of my surgery and rehabilitation.  I took many of the wonderful gifts you gave me to the rehabilitation center with me.  I cannot tell you how much better my progress was with those. Again, thanks so much for all of the help and support that you have given me."  ~ Fran P.

Jen, I just wanted to let you know how good it felt to have someone care about how I felt and actually could give guidance after listening to me. My friends would listen, but you were the AH-HA awakening I needed. I remember telling you how many of those moments I had when talking to you and making a connection to whatever it was at that particular session. The sessions seemed to have flown by, but with it I take along soooo much knowledge. I now know how to shop, I cook so much more frequently (and you know my schedule). I know what it feels like to be full and to be hungry. (I think that's called listening to your body. Hmmm, I think you taught me that too!) I spend more me time, and I don't need medication for certain bodily functions that otherwise needed help. I know that if my body starts feeling anything negative, there is something out of balance. You see how much you taught me - and there is so much more!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart - you have given me, "me" back. I truly believe this is the way of life for me. I can't believe I went through all those other diet fads, even Weight Watchers, which I always thought was the best thing to use as a guide, doesn't compare to listening to your own body and giving it what it needs, whether it's food, sleep or even exercise. I know to be nice to me! I'm worth it!!  ~ Barbara E.

"Jennifer, I went into this program with the intention of learning about eating more natural foods.  I wanted to stop counting calories, points, etc., and concentrate more on listening to my body.  I succeeded in doing this.  You were very inspirational for me; I loved the one-on-one counseling and whenever I needed it, you always went out of your way to meet those needs."  Love you, Virginia W.

"Jen, I am sending you these pictures to show you how much you have changed my life (so far).  I had done it all, from nutritionists to eating freeze-dried foods.  You have changed my life with simple steps and ideas.  There are not enough words to thank you for taking me on this journey.  I can’t believe I went from protesting exercising in the beginning to running five miles a week.  Me, running!  Your support during this journey has been amazing; your words of encouragement and guidance really helped when I was struggling.  This lifestyle has improved not only my health, but my relationships with my husband and children, my emotional health, and my entire perspective on life. I look forward to the rest of our time together, and will send final pictures when I am at my goal.  Maybe it will be of me at the finish line of my first 5K!"  Love, Lisa

"Jen, We absolutely loved your food!  My guests were so impressed.  Thank you!!"  - Gina B.

"How can food that tastes this good be so good for you?"  - J.H.

"My family eats together when we eat your food.  For that alone, I am so grateful!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"  - Tricia R.


"In the past six weeks working with Jen, I have better moods, I am sleeping better, and I am able to see through the transparency of common industry terms.  I lost 8 pounds and I have incfreased energy and positivity.  I am cooking more, and no longer have cravings for processed foods- I am not worrying about portions because I am listening to my body.  Jen is supportive, positive, well-educated and informed - and extremely passionate!"


"I got the seabuckthorn oil from living libations and I LOVE it- it is the only thing I have ever used that does not make me break out and also makes my skin look amazing!  Still on track with everything and mastered the smoothies, got the protein powder from sunwarrior and my celtic sea salt and oxo grinders should be on my doorstep today!  Thanks again for all of your help, love and support to kickstarting my new life.  I feel so much better, it is incredible!" ~ Ann Marie N. 


"In six months, I have increased my energy, focus and memory, while decreasing my neurological symptoms.  I no longer have kidney failure or have to use a catheter.  I don't fear declining health or ineptness.  I have energy and motivation to get through every day.  My weight has decreased instead of gaining.  I cook fresh food and eat out much less.  Jen is supportive, encouraging, educated and motivating.  I can't find the words to say how grateful I am."  ~Lauren R.


Cooking Class Testimonials

"Since attending your cooking class for anti inflammatory foods, I have lost 30+ lbs., lowered my BP & cholesterol all at the same time."  ~ Cono C.

“I go to Jen’s classes because I get to try foods I would never cook on my own.  And every time, I find them all to be delicious.”  ~ Deanne B.

"In Jennifer’s cooking classes, she teaches step-by-step healthy recipes that are creative and delicious.  She also educates us on things that we purchase at the store and has helped me become mindful about everything I put into my body.  I always learn something new in every class."  ~ Renee P.

“Prior to taking classes with Jennifer, I had never eaten greens or quinoa and had no idea how to make them.  Jennifer took me through the importance of feeding my body and mind in order to remain healthy and gave me the tools to do that.  She took me on a tour through Wild by Nature and introduced me to the foods that I had never seen before.  She provided me with recipes that I could use to prepare meals that were delicious-I can’t believe I missed out on these foods all my life. Her cooking classes take you step by step in how to prepare healthy meals so you can go home and do it yourself.  Thank you Jennifer!"   ~ Margaret F.

“Jennifer’s cooking class was amazing.  The class size was small and everyone was able to participate in preparing beautiful, simple, healthy dishes – recipes that you can take home and easily duplicate.  Jennifer has an wonderful presence and is gifted at giving directions and explanations.  The best part was sitting down at the table after cooking a meal together and having interesting conversations with the fellow participants.  A night well worth the investment of time!” All the best, Nancy H.

"I have taken several of Jennifer's cooking class and everyone has been delicious and she is full of information about heathy eating. I always want to stay all night and listen to her and eat her amazing meals."  ~ Margaret O.

"Jen's class totally took fear out of knowing where to begin, and gave me the confidence i needed to make easy nutritious meals for my family.  It really make me think about the balance of each meal and make simple changes to boost our diet.  My husband is happy that "Martha Stuart" suddenly appeared in his kitchen!  Thanks Jen!" ~ Debbie B.

"Jen's classes have literally changed my life!  I feel better and have more energy than I ever had before.  Her knowledge is endless and her presentation skills are excellent.  Jen's classes are fun and informative at the same time.  Do yourself a favor and sign-up - my only regret is not doing it sooner!" ~ Wendy S.

“The cooking classes were one of my favorite parts of Jennifer's 6 month program!  I learned how easy it was to cook with new foods that are healthy and delicious!  The foods and recipes she exposed me to are still my favorites that I make today.  Her classes got me over the fear of the kitchen and made me confident in whipping up quick, yummy and nutritious meals in no time.  Anyone looking to improve their health should definitely include this very important cooking component.” ~ Deanna R.

"The cooking class was wonderful! The intimate setting was so nice, as was the personal interaction afforded by being in a small group The brussels sprout recipe was so delicious that even my husband liked it! I look forward to coming again, even if I do have to drive 25 miles. It's worth it. Thank you Jennifer." Love, Julie N.

"Jen's class was fun and informative.  I took home several easy recipes that brought healthy delicious meals to my family." Best, Amy V.

"Jen's class is fun, easy to follow and gets you excited about trying the recipes yourself at home."  ~ Stephanie T.

"Jennifer's cooking classes are so much fun!!  After taking a class I have learned how to make a healthy meal for my family quickly and easily.  It was so much fun getting together with other people, cooking a full course healthy meal and getting to sample everything.  I highly recommend Jennifer's cooking classes!!"  ~ Geri K.

“I loved learning about new healthy products and ingredients to incorporate into my meals to make them immediately healthier.
Everything always tasted so delicious, it was hard to believe how unbelievably healthy it was to eat!”  ~ Allyson K.

“The reason I love your cooking/classes and always want to come back for another is because I always leave your classes feeling better about myself and motivated to continue cooking and eating healthy. Also, you have introduced me to so many foods that I probably would not have felt comfortable trying on my own for the first time.  Thank you!” ~ Michelle D.

“Jen is amazing - her classes inspired me to not only improve my health & wellness habits, but to also become a holistic health coach myself!”  ~ Celina Z.

“Your classes changed my life. We look forward to our monthly gathering and we never knew how delicious healthy food could be so amazing. We have learned so much about nutrition and keep passing on the knowledge. You are the best and do it effortlessly.  You haven't skipped a beat adding a baby Leo to the mix.” ~ MBW

I love that these recipes are tasty and nutrient dense yet so easy to prepare.  Jen's cooking classes have helped me to look at fresh vegetables in a whole new way. Instead of them being a sideshow, they shine as the star of the meal.  I've learned how to prepare so many great recipes, I'm always excited for my next lesson with Jen.  ~ Kat S.


"I am in love with everything in your cookbook!  I am slowly working through each recipe, although I am obsessed with the stuffed acorn recipe.  Made it for the family and everyone was raving about it!" ~ Carolyn B.


"This is coming a little late, but thank you SO much for a wonderful cooking class. I really enjoyed learning everything you taught us in this class (and the Raw class too!), and I can really say that it changed the way I look at how I eat, cook and shop for groceries! I thought that I've always been somewhat health-conscious when it came to food (with a family history of heart disease, diabetes and cancer I've had to be) but I never realized just how much more I could be doing.  Thanks again!"  ~ Celina Z

"Since starting the 28-day Kickstart Your Kitchen program, I now eat more green power foods, I have an open mind and try new vegetables and spices, I am aware of the amount of chemicals on our foods and beauty products and I have my tools and supplies in my kitchen.  I have no dairy in my fridge and I didn’t even notice I stopped purchasing it - also a lot less plastic.  

Jen, you are so kind… your smile and enthusiastic attitude is contagious. I felt I could ask you anything and get a honest answer. You are such a loving and giving person. I’m so glad we met." ~ Eileen R.


Workshop Testimonials

After attending this event, I am...

"Smarter :)"  ~Wendy S. 

"Inspired to make positive choices."  ~Steve L. 

"Re-thinking what I put in my mouth."  ~Terry M.

"Going to make friends with greens!"  ~Lorraine K.

"Hopeful and excited about learning more."  ~Jennifer M.

"Motivated!"  ~Lynn B.

"Re-considering my food choices."  ~Vicki S.

"Positive about my future occupation."  ~Montana B.

"Excited to eat real, whole, and super foods."  ~Lisa B.

"Excited to go food shopping and make new "friends."  ~Jill L.

"Going to start with changing one thing."  ~Susan C.

"More conscientious of how I start my day with food."  ~Diane M.

"Excited to try to change my eating habits and start to feel more alive"  ~Lisa L.

"Going to start ADDing in something good."  ~Mary Jane P.

"Enthused about trying your suggestions."  ~Alfia L.

"Checking my pantry!"  ~Jeanne E.

"More informed."  ~Donna C.

"More open to broadening my education about food and health."  ~Josh O.

"Grateful."  ~Antonella D.

"Going to make some positive changes."  ~Barbara R.

"Adding in superfoods."  ~Richelle R.

"Going to reduce processed foods."  ~Arlene V.

"Considering adding more real food to my life."  ~Ron D.

"Re-thinking labels."  ~Meryl M.

"Very aware of what I put in my body."  ~Crystal C.

"Enlightened."  ~Michael R.

"Better equipped to evaluate shopping choices."  ~Janet C.

"More aware of what foods to choose and why."  ~Pat M.

"Going to focus on what I do want in my life, and not what I don't want.  ~Susan M.

"Encouraged."  ~Sylvia H.

"Going to get into action!"  Shirley P.

"Determined to take better control of my eating style."  ~Wendee S.

"On the right track."  ~Jennifer C.

"Inspired to try new greens."  ~Joanne C.

Reboot Program Testimonials:

"I did your detox in March and am very happy with the results. I have lost 10 pounds; the eczema on my face and hands has gone away; my flexibility has increased; I gave up coffee (and caffeine without effort); my chronic back pain from a herniated disk has been dramatically reduced. Another thing that I have experienced is that I need less sleep. I used to be exhausted when I got up at 8. Now I get up on my own at 6.  In short, things are going great and I thank you for that." ~Michael S.

"This program has been wonderful for me.  My back pain has all but gone away in the past three weeks and I feel lighter and have more energy than I have for a long time!  I can't thank you enough for helping me realize that the foods we eat can have such a tremendous impact on our minds and bodies!" 

"As you predicted, it is easier to make good food choices since the beginning of this program and I am enjoying cooking in a new, guilt-free way.  Foods I never thought I would even like, I now look forward to preparing and eating!"  ~Joan J.      

"I find that I am stopping to think about the choices I make before putting something into my body.  I am a better shopper, I read labels more and have an overall awareness that garbage in = garbage out.  I wake up less sluggish every day and feeling less bloated." 

"Your 4 week detox program is about more than just food, but also about motivation and creating a greater awareness to loving and caring for one's body and oneself." ~ Jeanine L.

"In just a few short weeks, we have lost weight, have more energy, and find it easier to get up in the morning." ~ Susan & Greg O. 

"Great Class!  I definitely feel a difference in cravings...instead of the sugar,  I crave healthier foods now...just like you said I would! You are the best!" ~Kristin B. 

"I definitely notice a difference. My sugar cravings have decreased! Great job Jen! Thank you!"  ~Jeni F. 

"I am loving the changes that I have made so far!!!"  ~Lauren D.

"I get so caught up in work/kids/busy schedule/etc that I always end up putting myself last...The calls were one hour a week which worked great with my busy schedule, but were also enough to bring me back down to earth, to allow me the time to start thinking of myself again and to put my desire to be healthy, feel good and look good as a higher priority in life.  I LOVE that your philosophy is not about a "diet" but about whole body, whole life living."  ~Jeanine L.