Terrified of DETOX?

March is here, and the first signs of spring are calling -- which means, it's time for some spring cleaning.

To everything there is a season (turn, turn, turn), and spring is the season of renewal.  Trees are budding, grass is growing, and sprouts are sprouting.  We humans, as a part of nature, also call for a renewal, and NOW is the perfect time. Our bodies WANT to clear out the stagnancythat cold winter months pile up inside of us.

So is anyone terrified at the thought of...no, no, no, not... a DETOX!!!!??  

That means all deprivation and no fun, right?  Well, that depends on who you talk to.  Detoxification is what your system is trying to do every single day, and so what I am talking about is the amount of help you are willing to give your precious, beautiful body.

Remember, baby steps add up.  You don't always have to take extreme measures to see results.  Here are some options for getting on board with what your body naturally wants to do this month:

1. Start the day with a mug of hot water and fresh-squeezed lemon (dash of cayenne optional).  This one step alone aids the liver and kidneys in their quest to clear you of toxins.

2. Use my ADD-IN strategy to reduce or crowd out some of the things that naturally impede detoxification (such as dairy and gluten).   This could look like ADDING IN tea (better yet, dandelion tea) with honey instead of coffee with milk or creamer, or substituting homemade vanilla cashew milk(yummmmmmm) in your oatmeal or cereal.

3. Upgrade your animal protein to organic and/or grass-fed in order to reduce chemical consumption.

4. ADD IN more plant-based meals to crowd out meat-based meals, which are difficult to digest, and thicken the blood that the liver is trying so hard to filter. You can try "meatless Mondays" this month, or even commit to one full day (or more) of eating and drinking only plants.  

5. Upgrade your household cleaners and makeup, which can add to the toxic load that your body is detoxing daily.

Learn more about the process of natural detoxification and the cycle of inflammation with me in person during my 14-Day Spring Reboot Program, or at home with my Spring Cleaning Audio Classes (accessible to members at FeedingYourLife.com/classes)

If you just prefer a more self-directed approach, this might be the perfect time to start to LIVE-IT.  Nobody likes a DIE-T, but we all want to LIVE-IT.  If you don't like deprivation, starving, counting, or feeling bad about yourself, then LIVE-IT is for you.  Check it out today! 


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