Love is All You Need (really!)

February is the month of Valentines, heart health and plain old L-O-V-E.  One phrase I heard back in nutrition school has stuck with me ever since:  "Do you love yourself enough to stop hurting yourself?"

Whoa.  That is serious.  Why on earth would anyone chooseto hurt themselves?  And what do you mean I don't love myself?  It doesn't make much sense on the surface, but looking deeper, we see many of those around us choosing poor diets, toxic relationships and negative thinking every day.  And if we are honest, we might find that we make some of those same decisions too.  Could the answer be as simple as LOVE?

Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, and founder of Hay House publishers, thinks so.  She claims that every imbalance in the human body has a root in lack of self-love.  

The good news is, love is a choice, and that includes self-love.  While tons of foods (like every red food on the planet) feed and nourish the heart, there are so many non-food ways to support your love center, and open it up to allowing greater health and prosperity.

Opening your heart to yourself means:

  • being selfish enough to make yourself a priority
  • making the food and drink that you ingest a priority
  • connecting with what makes humans divine
  • allowing your natural state of well-being
  • making fun, laughter and happiness a part of every day
  • rising above the anxiety, fear, and overwhelment that can keep us far from our goals
  • changing negative, judgmental or criticizing self-talk to supportive, loving, good-feeling thoughts 

So where do I start?  How do I go from hurting myself with my choices to loving the person I am enough to change?  

As always, add in.  If you find it difficult to do or say nice things for yourself, start with others.  Then add in something for yourself.  What feels good to you?  A walk? A song (try a happy playlist)? A smile? Holding the door open for someone?  Anything that opens your heart expands the love you have for yourself and others.    

I guess it turns out, love really is all you need.


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