Lighten Up Before Summer

So the sun finally comes out and people are wearing shorts and t-shirts...and you are panicked.  You're not ready for summer clothes, skin-baring and beach-going.  The long cold winter, bulky sweaters and spending so much time indoors can weigh us down in more than one way - both by zapping our energy and by adding on a few extra pounds

Once the weather is warm, clothes are lighter, and people are moving out into the sun.  If you are thinking, "WAIT!! I'm not ready yet!!  I still feel weighed down!! I need a cleanse, a detox, a juice fast, SOMETHING!!!"then take a deep breath and listen to the good news:  Mother Nature has a plan for you.  You can and will feel energized and lighter by the summer. Spring foods are natural detoxifiers, clearing out accumulated winter mucus, inflammation, toxins, and extra pounds.  

Take a look down at the ground and see what is growing - sprouts, scallions, dandelions, baby greens...they are there just for you!  These are the foods that will naturally increase your energy, support your liver, and detoxify both body and mind.  Start to ADD them into your life today.  Take a trip to the "green wall" in the supermarket and pick up an energy boost, Mother Nature-style.  Scroll down for a list of top Spring foods.

If you are reading this and thinking, "Yes, I want more energy, but but I don't really know where to begin in the kitchen...and...Sprouts?  DANDELION? are you kidding?" then you will want to spend some time on this website, where you will learn the simple secrets to getting energized and feeling lighter all the time, without diet, deprivation, or ANYthing that doesn't taste good to you.

In the meantime, try out some of our spring recipes - they are all about springtime energy, fresh flavors and feeling GOOD:

Spring risotto

Tricolor quinoa salad

Raw asparagus salad

Pea potato arugula soup

Lentil stew

And click HERE for a list of springtime foods that you can start to ADD in immediately!