Holiday Survival Guide

Just because the holidays arrive each year, doesn't mean we have to abandon all manner of self-care.  In fact, these are the times when it is most important to listen to the messages our bodies are giving us and take control of the situation.  If we really love the soul inside of the body, then we will want to do everything to make sure it is happy, healthy and safe.

Sometimes, we need little reminders, so I put together a short holiday survival guide for those who feel they are already straying "off track."

1) Start each day with a positive, healthy intention.  

As soon as you wake up, declare one statement that would make you proud if you were to achieve it.  Then carry on with your day - basically, set it and forget it.  (You may be shocked at how quickly your intention comes back to you!)

2) Use the tools that you KNOW work for you.  

Pick ONE thing that you know keeps you feeling good, and add that in.  Once it is a part of your routine, you can add a second one in.  (Need ideas?  Start with a big glass of lemon water upon waking up, or sipping hot lemon water throughout the day.)

3) Drink water.

ESPECIALLY:  before going to a party, in between alcoholic beverages and first thing in the morning.

4) CHEW your treats, as well as the rest of your food, well.  

Eat the holiday cookies, cakes and specialties, but DO NOT scarf them down.  Slowly chew and enjoy each bite, savoring the flavor.  Once your body gets a taste of satisfaction, you may not need as many bites as you thought.

5)  Get real. 

If you find yourself shoveling in the holiday M&M's while standing in front of an open pantry, first stop and have a good laugh - then ask yourself what's really going on.  Stressed about gifts, in-laws, money, family, etc.?  That's NORMAL - but candy doesn't fix it.  CHOOSE to do something that will actually alleviate the problem, not ultimately add to it.  Everything we do or think is a CHOICE.

Finally, click here to access some GREAT apps to add to your smartphone - most of them are free.  They will inspire you throughout the holiday season and into the new year to be your healthiest, happiest self.

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