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Parent University: Eating for Energy

What would your life be like with an abundance of energy?

How would your days be different?

Can food actually help you get there?  

If you find it difficult to get up in the morning or to stay energized throughout the day. If you rely on caffeine, sports drinks, sugar or snacks for energy boosts. If lack of energy, whether early in the morning, at the midday slump, or even late at night, is a part of your everyday life,  

Then join Jennifer Kelly for a class that will change the way you view energy forever.


  • the add-in strategy for healthy living

  • the top food categories for increasing your energy

  • top energy-depleting foods (some of these may surprise you!)

  • concrete tips for eliminating the midday slump

  • how to reduce cravings for caffeine, sugar and other unnatural energy sources without feeling deprived  

  • what you can do to begin increasing your energy immediately

  • the simplest, most effective way to increase energy, boost your immune system, jump-start weight loss, detoxify your system and feel better than ever

Free samples to taste!  Parents and students are encouraged to attend together!

WHEN:  Monday, November 1 @7pm

WHERE:  Smithtown High School West, 100 Central Road




Later Event: March 5
14-Day Spring "Reboot" Program