Jen's Basic Smoothie

Smoothies are one of the most efficient ways of adding greens into one's diet, alkalizing the body, and incorporating raw, living, and superfoods as well.  I consider them to be vehicles for maximum nutrition in a convenient, and delicious, form.  Most of my smoothie recipes all incorporate the basic base:

1 1/2-2 cups spring or filtered water OR 1 cup raw coconut water + 1/2-1 cup spring/filtered water

1 cup frozen or fresh fruit (most often berries, for their super antioxidant powers)

1-2 handfuls greens (spinach, kale, collards, chard, arugula, romaine, sprouts, etc.)

From here, you can get creative, depending on what your body needs.  Many people are concerned with adding protein to a smoothie if it meant to be a meal.  Here are some protein-rich plant-based options:

  • protein powder (I recommend sprouted grain powders like Sunwarrior or Garden of Life)
  • hemp powder (or seeds)
  • goji berries (complete protein and bad-estrogen remover)
  • bee pollen (complete protein)
  • spirulina (highly-absorbable and bioavailable complete protein)
  • chlorella (for chelating heavy metals and outstanding chlorophyll source)

In addition, there are a growing number of superfoods (foods with a superior nutrition content) available today.  Depending on what your body needs at the time, you can begin to select from wonders such as:

  • coconut oil (for brain health, weight loss, healthy fat)
  • nuts (for protein and healthy fat)
  • chia seeds (for omega 3s)
  • flax seeds (for omega 3)
  • aloe (for digestive system)
  • blue-green algae (for brain support)
  • maca (adaptogen for hormone balance and energy)
  • açai berry (for antioxidants)
  • camu camu berry (for the best source of vitamin C)
  • raw cacao (for antioxidants, magnesium, iron, chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, vitamin C, mood lift,)

It is important to rotate your greens, and not to get stuck in a spinach or kale rut.  Some greens, like spinach and beet greens, contain oxalic acid, which, if consumed raw in large quantities, could block calcium absorption, or contribute to kidney stones.  By rotating the greens in your smoothie, you take advantage of the variety of nutrients available in our chlorophyll-loaded friends, and avoid any build-up of unwanted acid. 

With all superfoods, I recommend starting slowly - with a FRACTION of the serving size to begin.  These powerful foods are absolutely packed with nutrients in such a way that a beginner body may not be accustomed to receiving.  Work your way up to the serving size over time.  

Remember that the purpose of smoothies is to eat your greens!  Even if you are horrified at the thought of adding spinach to your fruit smoothie, start with one leaf and call it a day. It will be one more leaf than you would have eaten!  The next day, add two, then three, and so on.  Before you know it, you have added in greens to your life.