Spring is For Sprouting

For me, one of the highlights of the spring season is the abundance of fresh sprouts available to us at this time of the year.  If you look around at the ground outside, you will see tiny shoots pushing their way through the soil everywhere.  Most of the time, we are looking to pull and discard these sprouts before they grow to full-size plants, or unwanted weeds, that will ruin a manicured lawn.  

The truth is, the plants that are coming out of the ground are the ones we should be eating at that particular time of the year.  Right now, it is sprout season, according to Mother Nature.  After a long winter of eating heavier foods and being less active indoors, sprouts abound to help us clear out the pipes and start the natural detoxification process.  

Our bodies require this change in food supply in order to perform efficiently.  Eating with the seasons results in proper energy, digestion and sleep functions, not to mention less instances of sickness, allergies and other symptoms of dis-ease.

What's so special about sprouts?

Sprouts are a unique creation ~ they are seeds or grains that, when soaked in water or earth, become a green plant.  During the sprouting process, carbs and fats are converted into additional vitamins and protein.  It's no wonder:  a plant needs more protein to grow tall and healthy than a grain, and Mother Nature knows this.  So sprouts can truly be called superfoods, in the most literal sense of the word:  they contain a superior amount of nutrition in a compact package.  

Sprouts are super proteins, high in B vitamins and enzymes, and hold the energy of YOUTH.  Add them to salads, wraps, juices, smoothies, or just munch on them as a snack.  You can buy them ready-made or try sprouting some grains yourself (see recipe section for sprouted quinoa tabouli!).  Make sure you experiment with various sprouts, as they each have their own unique flavors:  alfalfa, broccoli, pea shoots, onion, arugula, chickpea, lentil, quinoa and radish are just a few...


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