Only ONE New Year's Resolution

Happy new year, beautiful friends!  I recently read something by the great Wayne Dyer on the topic of resolutions which changed my entire way of thinking on the subject.  
So many of us decide on a resolution for the new year, with every intention of sticking to the goal we set forth on January 1.  Rather than planning to see the manifestation of that resolution sometime later in the year, Dr. Dyer suggests starting with the very moment we are in.

If, for example, our resolution is to lose weight,then the task is to live that goal in this very moment.  What choices would we make?  What thoughts would we be thinking?  What would be different RIGHT NOW, in this moment, if we were actively pursuing the goal of weight loss?

We might choose to drink a glass of water, go for a walk, try a new recipe, or say something supportive to ourselves...right now.  Not Monday morning, not when we finish the box of Christmas cookies, but right this very minute, thereby bringing my goal to the PRESENT, the NOW, making it REAL and already in progress.

As if that weren't enough reason to choose to be more present and to begin viewing our resolutions one moment at a time, Dr. Dyer points out that at the end of a day that was actually lived in the moment, we go to sleep that night as different people than the ones who woke up OUTSIDE of our goals.  If we made positive food choices, drank water, and exercised, then the next day, we are coming from a new perspective; and from this new place each day, we can move much more quickly toward our tangible goals, enjoying the time along the way :)

We can literally move our present reality INSIDE the goal, and begin to live it immediately.  And 

live-it ALWAYS sounds better than di-et. 

Let's give it a try and resolve to start living as if our resolutions were already a part of our reality.  Whatever your resolution is, think about what you are doing RIGHT NOW, and is it getting you there?  What can do choose TODAY that would get you closer?

My one resolution this year is to be more present and to live my goals in the moment.  I can already feel the shift and momentum flowing in the right direction.

Being present means making yourself and your happiness a priority, one moment at a time.  I know you can do it!  

"Self-care is the best health care."  - David Wolfe