Mother Nature's Flu Fighters

Your Mother Wants You To Be Healthy

The best way to fight the flu or any other winter illness is to avoid them in the first place by starting from within.  A clean diet filled with REAL foods, living foods, and superplants will help to build your immune system and stop a nasty flu dead in its tracks. 

At the FIRST sign of illness settling in - that tickle in your throat, sniffle, or general less-than-excellent feeling - TAKE ACTION!!  My first line of defense looks something like:  Neti Pot, Greens (grasses, algaes, leafies),fresh and cold-pressed vegetable juice, light meals, lots of (hot) lemon water and no dairy.  This usually does the job, but if symptoms continue, you can move on to more powerful measures.  

The truth is, Mother Nature WANTS you to be healthy!  Some of her finest immune-boosting creations include:

1. Garlic - Raw is best, but cooked will work too!  Garlic-infused olive oil is stellar for knocking out ear and sinus infections.
2. Oil of oregano - This is a powerful natural antibiotic that can be used internally, topically (diluted with carrier oil) or aromatically.
3. Probiotics - These "good guys" are the beneficial bacteria that maintain balance in the gut, where all good health begins.
4. Elderberry extract - This anti-inflammatory immune-building berry has been known to reduce flu symptoms by as much as 50%, as well as fight sinus infections and bronchitis. 
5. Chaga mushroom - This amazing mushroom is the #1 antioxidant known to man, and can be taken in capsule or tea form.
6. Camu Camu berry - Add this powder your smoothie, juice or hot breakfast to get Mother Nature's best source of vitamin C. 

Your medicine cabinet can begin to take a different form when you start stocking natural remedies and working proactively instead of waiting until sickness sets in to take action.  Of course, all the supplements in the world won't have a fighting chance if you are working diligently to WEAKEN your immune system on a daily basis with sugar, alcohol, processed foods, stress and inflammatory foods.  The body needs your help, and sometimes that means getting OUT of the way to build strength and allow it to heal :)



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