How Toxic Are You?

Simple Steps to Clean You Up

If you're feeling gray, lethargic, clogged up, brain-fogged or even just less-than-excellent, you could be in need of an early Spring clean-up - and pretty toxic.  

The truth is that when your body exhibits a symptom of imbalance or dis-ease, it is trying to let you know that the build-up of toxicity is too much for it to handle efficiently.  Think everything from pimples, excess weight and PMS to illnesses like diabetes and cancer.  You don't have to wait for March 21 to take some steps toward the natural detoxification that the spring spring inherently provides.  

1. Take in more greens
Greens are superstars when it comes to cleansing and detoxifying, not to mention that they are powerhouses of chlorophyll, which transports oxygen to cells, keeping cancer out.  Introduce them in a number of ways:  green smoothies, salads, fresh vegetable juices, cooked, or in fresh veggie soups.

2. Vegetables are not a side dish
Get it out of your head that vegetables live alone in a bland and remote corner of your dinner plate.  Make them the shining stars!  Base your meal on the veggies, and think of the high-quality animal protein, plant-based protein or whole grains as a side.  Check out this site's recipes page for more veggie-based meals.

3. Sip hot water with lemon
This ancient Ayurvedic practice is both hydrating and detoxifying.  By sipping hot blasts of lemon water, you break through to the lymph, the body's major detoxifying vehicle.  Lemon aids to pull out stored toxins.  (Also a great weight loss tip!)  Sip all day long.

4. Choose toxin-free when it counts most
You can find the most pesticided produce items at - stick to buying (at least) the top of the list organic, and you will be eradicating a huge amounts of new toxins from coming in to your body.   Avoid traditionally-farmed shrimp, salmon and tilapia, and choose grass-fed beef, organic chicken and turkey.

5. Add in a superfood
Chlorella might be a good place to start.  This super protein algae is also efficient in removing heavy metals from the body, especially mercury. I also highly recommend SunWarrior's Ormus Greens and Health Force Superfoods' incredible, comprehensive green product called Vitamineral Green.

6. Dry brush
This bristle body brush is not meant for the shower!  It is a daily practice used to stimulate circulation and energy flow throughout the body - a detox must-have.  (Try a gentle face dry brush too!)

7. Try an essential oil deodorant
Most deodorants are also toxic aluminum-containing anti-perspirants.  Not only do they prevent the body from sweating, a natural detoxification process, but they also add to the body's toxicity with harmful aluminum, which has been linked to several cancers as well as brain disorders such as dimentia and Alzheimer's.  Essential oil deodorants work best to prevent body odor (see my post on simple DIY deodorant or Living Libations' Poetic Pits), but once your body begins to rid itself of toxins, you will have less of that to deal with anyway.

These are great starting points, but they are the tip of the iceberg!  There is so much we can do to clean out the junk we've accumulated since childhood and to keep our bodies working cleanly and efficiently for us so that we feel energized and full of life every day - yes, I said every day!  It IS possible!

For more on this topic, listen to "I'm Toxic Too" on the classes page.

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