Detox Your Brain

Your Thinking Can Be as Toxic as a Fried Twinkie!

Every spring, I get the same questions about which detox I recommend.  It seems that at that time of year, people are looking to clean out what may be the sins of the winter, what with the holidays and lack of outdoor-time.  Understandably, it is the perfect time to look around at what Mother Nature is cooking up for us, as springtime foods are naturally detoxifying.

However, I am starting to think that what really needs detoxing is the unbalanced, negative and unproductive thinking many of us experience on a daily basis.  Who's ready to detox that right out of their systems forever?

Start to notice what kinds of thoughts are leading you to think that you need a detox, a cleanse, a diet, a program, a clean slate, and decide if they are encouraging or disparaging.  Are they building you up or beating you down?  Do they put a smile on your face or a lump in your throat?

Experts say we have over 75,000 thoughts every day - there is no way to be conscious of them all if that is the case.  We can begin, though, to raise an eyebrow to the ones that make us feel badly about ourselves and purge them once and for all.

My clients often hear me say, "Thank you for sharing," in response to a unhelpful or unsupportive thought.  This way, we can acknowledge that voice inside who is actually just trying to keep us safe by keeping us STUCK right where we are, in our comfort zone - at least we know what to expect and how to survive there.

If you are ready to get rid of the broken record, the old story that never worked in the past anyway, try mixing it up - ADD IN a new record to the jukebox of your mind and crowd out the old.  Hint:  you'll know you picked the right one when it puts a smile on your face :)



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