ADDing in for the New Year

As I sat this morning thinking about the year that has just left us, and what lies ahead, I thought about my resolution list and goals for 2016.

While I have a short list of accomplishments for the new year, it dawned on me that the "ADD-IN" theory I use for transitioning my clients onto a healthier lifestyle is the perfect approach for new year's resolutions.  

Rather than looking at the list of yet-to-be-accomplished goals, which unintentionally bring attention to the fact that they are not here yet, why not simply resolve to add in something that will get me there every day?



What ONE thing can I add in that will get me closer to my goals right now?

Maybe it's a glass of water, looking up a new recipe, or getting to that class at the gym.  Or maybe it's a positive thought or just saying something nice to ourselves instead of the usual criticisms.  

It's only one step, but the great skyscrapers of New York City all started with one brick.  We sometimes treat ourselves harshly for not going from brick one to completed building overnight.  Change takes time, especially when we want it to last forever.

May all your goals become reality this year, one brick at a time.  

Many blessings to you all

Jennifer Kellyblock 1