Why Celtic Sea Salt?

Although I never used salt growing up, I now cook with something that I consider to be a health food:  Celtic sea salt.  You will see it in almost all of my recipes, and for several reasons.  

First, the mineral content of this salt is outstanding; 42 trace minerals grace this salt at a time when most of our food (even organic) is mineral-depleted, due to soil conditions after years of chemicalization.  Some nutrition experts feel that the real root of widespread illness in our country is lack of mineralization in the body.  Adding Celtic salt adds much-needed minerals that we are not getting elsewhere.  

Cooking plant-based meals with little or no animal fat can leave the palate wanting for flavor.  Celtic salt takes the flavor of vegetables to another level entirely.  Rather than making food taste salty, as refined table salt can do, Celtic salt does what salt is truly meant to do:  bring out the flavor of the food itself.  Now, broccoli tastes more like broccoli and eggplant more like eggplant.  The flavors rise and satisfy in a way that you have to experience to believe.  At a relatively cost-effective price for such a high-quality item, Celtic sea salt is available to everyone seeking to upgrade their cooking.