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Feeding Your Life will get your veggie-based education rolling with our blog, cooking videos, audio classes, recipes, and resource recommendations, including our very first e-cookbook, The Healthy Kitchen 101.


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Welcome to the anti-diet, or as we like to call it, the 28-Day Live-it Program, a radically different approach to weight loss, clean eating and healthy living. 

Here, you won’t be asked to give anything up.  You heard that right - whatever you think you’re doing wrong, eating or drinking too much of, overdoing, underdoing, or just feeling bad about, is irrelevant here. 

On the Live-It program, your only focus for 28 days is on all of the great stuff we can ADD IN and feel good about.

Leave die-ting behind and Join us today to Live-it forever



About Feeding Your Life

Not long ago, I was in your shoes.

I wanted to be healthier, have more energy, lose weight, have great skin, eat healthier and enjoy life more, but I just didn't know where to start.

I didn't grow up as a health nut.  Healthy living and all it entails seemed overwhelming, confusing, and "just not me."  I was convinced it would be too difficult, too expensive, and definitely not taste good.  It was so far from where I was.  I had tried every diet I had heard of since I was 10 years old, only to end up each time worse off than when I started.

 Me in my early 20s - the unhealthiest time of my life

 Me in my early 20s - the unhealthiest time of my life

About 15 years ago, I decided to try a new approach:  I would ADD IN only one healthy choice at a time, while continuing to live my current routine.  This approach actually worked - the changes stuck, for the first time ever - and I was able to add in more and more healthy practices until I achieved every one of my health goals, including healing myself from an autoimmune disease, losing 40 pounds, clearing my skin, erasing the dark circles from under my eyes, and enjoying consistent, glowing energy all day long.  Every single aspect of my life improved as a result, including finding my true passion and teaching others how to live a holistic healthy life.

                                                             Age 40

                                                             Age 40

As a certified health coach, I have spent nearly a decade supporting clients in applying that exact same strategy to their lives.  Having experienced first-hand the power of food to heal, inspire, and renew, I offer my clients and to members of this community an educated source of reliable information about what to eat and why.  It's about simplifying WHAT to do and HOW to do it.  The good news is, anyone can do it, no matter how far from healthy you think you are.

My strategy is simple, yet radically different than any other health plan I know of - and far more effective.  You begin to ADD in what makes you feel good, and take the focus OFF of everything that is not working in your life.

I created the Feeding Your Life community and the Live-It Program to take away the confusion, build your confidence, and make healthy living the most fun and flavorful no-brainer ever. 

Feeding Your Life is a one-stop home for all things holistic living.  Here you will have access to everything I have spent years learning and researching on my own.  My goal is to inspire you to make small changes that will ultimately change your health, your energy, your life.

Here, you will:

  • Get reliable, up-to-date information from an educated source on holistic living and nutrition
  • Join me in the kitchen to watch me put together the simplest, most delicious dishes, using only real food ingredients (I'll teach you not just how to cook, but why)
  • Have access to ALL of my recipes, as well as my recommended tools, articles and blog posts to keep up with the latest in holistic health and nutrition

The information I'm sharing here is life-changing, and I am proof of that.  It all starts with one add-in.  

See you on the inside :)

Jennifer Kelly
Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP
Author, The Healthy Kitchen 101 and The 28-Day Live-It Program