The Live-It Program

The Live-It Program


The 28-Day Live-it Program
A radically different approach to weight loss, clean eating and healthy living


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Are you a busy woman who hates diets?

Have you been wanting to make a change, but don’t know where to start?

Do you need clarity on what to eat or buy?

Welcome to the anti-diet, or as I like to call it, the Live-it Program, a radically different approach to weight loss, clean eating and healthy living. Here, you won’t be asked to give up anything. You heard that right — whatever you think you’re doing wrong, eating or drinking too much of, overdoing, underdoing, or just feeling bad about, is irrelevant here. On the Live-It program, your only focus for 28 days is on all of the great stuff we can ADD IN and feel good about.

What you get:

• A four-week program utilizing a revolutionary step-by-step ADD-In approach to health and wellness

• Access to holistic member site, for one month, complete with simple and fun cooking videos, tons of delicious easy-to-prepare recipes, and loads of articles, information, audio classes and recommendations for holistic healthy living

• Personal, direct access to author and board-certified health coach, Jennifer Kelly through private Facebook group

• Education surrounding:
     real vs. processed foods
     acid-alkaline balance
     organic vs. conventional and GMO foods
     juicing and smoothies
     how to eat healthy on a budget
     food prep
     food quality
     household/beauty products water
     natural sweeteners
     and much more!

• How to add in:
     greens and other vegetables
     alkaline-forming foods
     plant-based meals
     healthy kitchen staples and tools

• Complete recipes with shopping lists

• Personal journal with morning and evening checklists

• Access to the private Facebook member group, where members can share and inspire each other throughout the 28-day program

• Jen’s top five super-delicious salad dressings
• The Healthy Kitchen 101 e-cookbook
• Jen’s Pantry Staples list
• Top Superfoods to Live-It
• The Food-Mood Diary