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Even though we have all heard the adage, "You are what you eat," we don't always make choices based on that truth.  

Even though the food we eat gets broken down and absorbed into our bloodstream, travels throughout our bodies, and literally creates our cells, tissues, bones and organs, we still don't always put it together.

Even though the food we eat affects our brains and thought processes, and, therefore, our decisions, moods, energy, relationships and choices, we still don't always see the connection.

So much of our lives is dependent upon the food that we take in.  Quite literally, we ARE what we eat.  So why are so many of us confused about what to eat?


Choosing a healthy lifestyle should be easy.  Humans are, after all, meant to feed, nourish and heal themselves with the food provided by Mother Nature.  Before modern technology, chemical advancements and supermarkets, that is exactly what they did.  

Nowadays, there are seemingly endless options and opinions, and yet the simplest answers are being overlooked.  The Feeding Your Life community was created to take away the confusion, build your confidence, and make healthy living the most fun and flavorful no-brainer ever. is not your ordinary health and wellness site.  Our goal is to inspire you to add in small changes that will ultimately revolutionize your health, your energy, your life.


You are in the right place if you:

Are confused about what to buy, cook or feed your family

Think that healthy living is only for "health nuts"

Believe you can't afford organic, high-quality food

Are looking for simple yet flavorful meals to prepare

Would like to learn how and why to cook healthier dishes 

Have tried to get healthy before without success

Are tired of diets that don't last

Want guidance and knowledge from someone who has been in your shoes

Don't know where to begin

Here at, you will:

  • Get reliable, up-to-date information from an educated source on holistic living and nutrition

  • Join Certified Holistic Health Coach Jennifer Kelly in the kitchen to put together the simplest, most delicious dishes, using only real food ingredients (You will learn not just how to cook, but why)

  • Have access to delicious, simple, winning recipes, as well as Feeding Your Life recommended tools, articles and blog posts to keep up with the most pertinent information in holistic health and nutrition

  • Utilize the FYL food encyclopedia (coming soon) to find what foods may be right for your specific health concern


In addition, All-Access site members will:

  • Listen to new, exclusive, members-only classes each month on everything from sugar to superfoods

  • Be a part of our members-only forum, where you can discuss and share with others in your shoes

  • Receive a free digital copy of The Healthy Kitchen 101 cookbook

  • Apply 10% discount to any wellness coaching or cooking programs purchased in the online shop

  • Be able to ask Jennifer Kelly personally your questions about holistic healthy living - any time, day or night - it's like having your own private health coach, 24-7

    FOR ONLY 9.99 a month!


Can't wait to see you on the inside :)

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