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5 Best Things You Can Do For Your Body This Summer
Summer means long days, sun on your face, feet in the sand, and feeling like every day is something to celebrate. Let's get ready, mind and body!
1 6/1/2017
6 Tricks for Affordable Organics
1 6/27/2016
Adding in for the new year
1 12/30/2015
Baby Steps
How is it possible that that my former number one grocery item is no longer a part of my life? How can it be that my (toxic) daily staple one day just fell off my radar?
1 1/3/2017
Detox Your Brain
Your thinking can be toxic and in serious need of a detox...
1 3/13/2015
DIY Chemical-free Easter Eggs
Learn to color Easter eggs easily without the use of chemicals and artificial dyes.
1 2/9/2015
Essential Oils
Essential oils have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Click here for some essential oil basics.
1 10/1/2015
Healthy Halloween Tips
...And a healthy dose of honesty
1 3/16/2015
Healthy On-The-Go
Think you can't be healthy when you are traveling? Is your day-to-day life too busy for eating real foods? Click here for some simple tools to keep your body running best when you need it most.
1 3/20/2017
Holiday self-care
As fun and magical as the holidays can be, the stress of shopping and hosting can cloud over the joy - if we allow it.
1 12/2/2015
Holiday Survival Guide
You CAN make it through the season without weight gain, overindulgence and self-loathing...
1 3/16/2015
How toxic are you?
Simple steps to clean it up...
1 3/16/2015
Jen's Top Lunch Ideas
Stuck in PB&J on white bread for lunch? Click here to break open your lunchbox - and your taste buds!
1 9/2/2015
JOY to you and me
A holiday message from Jen.
1 2/4/2015
Less IS More
1 3/13/2015
Lighten Up Before Summer
Want to lighten up before summertime hits?
1 3/13/2015
Love is really all you need
1 2/3/2016
Minimize toxicity
While human bodies are extremely good at adapting to changes in our environment, our world has experienced more change in the last century than it has over the last 100,000 years. We have seen the introduction of new technologies that humans had not previously encountered. Since World War II, we have introduced nearly 80,000 chemicals into our atmosphere. Newborn babies are being born with nearly 200 pesticides found in their umbilical cords. It's a toxic world out there! But there is much we can do to minimize our exposure...
1 4/4/2016
Mother Nature's Flu Fighters
Stock your kitchen pantry instead of your medicine cabinet with the most natural and effective flu-fighters.
1 3/16/2015
My 3 favorite springtime recipes
1 5/4/2016
My Spontaneous Summer Garden
Ever considered composting? This post may inspire you to utilize your kitchen scraps and have a no-brainer garden at the same time!
1 3/20/2015
Only one New Year's resolution
Inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer, 2015 is looking very different than years past, with only one very important resolution.
1 2/4/2015
Raw fun with the Spiralizer
A Spiralizer is a raw-foodist's tool for making veggie spaghetti, among other creative inventions. Check out this blog for tips and pics.
1 2/9/2015
REAL Freedom
Want to know what REAL freedom is?
1 3/13/2015
Restaurant strategies
If you find it challenging to stay healthy while eating out, check out Jen's advice for feeding your life while restaurant dining.
1 1/28/2015
Selfish in September
Maybe it's because I used to be a teacher, but for me, September is the real "new year." That's the time I look forward to the clean slate, the brand-new notebook, and revisiting goals. Think about the goals you set in January - bravo to you for the ones already accomplished; let's talk about those still to be checked off the list. Our culture has led us to believe that selfishness is a bad thing, and that putting other people's needs before our own is somehow a noble act. But I have noticed that the reason for the unfulfilled goals on my lists is often my lack of selfishness...
1 9/7/2016
Spring is for Sprouting
What is so special about sprouts??
1 4/21/2015
Sugar Season?
"Sugar season" is how I refer to what is popularly known as flu season...
1 10/28/2015
Supergreens like spirulina and chlorella are getting some mainstream press...learn about these plants with superior nutrient content here.
0 No activity
Thanksgiving Thoughts
The primary food that really feeds you
1 3/16/2015
The Gut-Brain Connection
Most of us can relate to the experience of having butterflies in our stomach, or to a visceral gut-wrenching feeling, and how often are we told not to ignore our “gut-instinct” or “gut-feeling” when making a decision. We seem to understand on some level, just what an integral role it plays in our lives, far beyond the physical. We understand that it is part of the core foundation of who we are emotionally and intuitively. Even from our simple slang, it’s clear just how symbolically connected the gut is to our emotions. The truth is, the gut is where our strength resides - both physically and emotionally. Now, there’s tangible proof to support these popular metaphors.
1 9/28/2016
Think Organic is Expensive?
You may re-think the idea that organic is expensive after reading this...
1 3/26/2015
Time for a makeup makeover?
What? No soap on my face? No foam in my shampoo? No lead in my lipstick?
1 7/22/2015
Tips for a Healthy Brain
We all have the power to accomplish extraordinary results in our lives by tapping in to the brain’s potential. Discover how to improve your brain power, memory and overall success with ten simple steps to a healthier brain.
1 10/26/2016
Top Beauty Product Ingredients to Avoid and Why
Beauty products can act as covert vehicles for chemicals to enter your bloodstream, and the beauty industry is doing little to regulate the traffic. Click here for the top 5 ingredients to avoid in your makeup, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, hair care and more.
1 9/9/2015
Turn the plate around
I know this sounds crazy, but, vegetables are not a side dish.
1 1/30/2015
Using food to lower cholesterol
Click here to discover how using food as your medicine can lower blood cholesterol levels safely and naturally.
1 2/7/2015
Welcome Spring
1 2/29/2016
What are Omega 3s??
We are all hearing that we need Omega 3s...but what the heck are they?
0 No activity
What do I do when I get sick?
Wait a minute, YOU get sick? If that is what you are thinking, click to open!
0 No activity
Why raw?
Raw Food is a movement, a way of life, and certainly a cooking style. It involves no animal products at all, and no heat over 118ºF. Click here to read about the benefits of adding in raw food to your life.
1 2/9/2015
Why we need EMF protection
Heard of EMFs? If not, you can bet your thyroid has...
1 7/6/2015

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