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RAW FOOD RECIPES  (also see Smoothies and Juices)

What is raw?
Raw food has not been heated above 118-122 degrees Fahrenheit.  This rule allows for much creativity on the part of the raw food chef.  Beyond the innumerable concoctions of smoothies, juices and salads that can be created with raw fruits and vegetables, many raw foodists sprout beans and grains to make them edible, soak nuts and seeds to create nut milks, cheeses and sauces, use dehydrators to heat foods at very low temperatures, and often incorporate superfoods in their recipes.  “Raw” is also almost exclusively vegan, as no animal products are consumed, although utilizing items like raw honey are left to the discretion of the chef. 

Raw foods fall under the following categories:
leaves (leafy vegetables, herbs)
legumes (peas, beans and peanuts)
edible flowers
green sprouts
sap (maple syrup, bee propolis)
roots, shoots and bark
water vegetation (sea vegetables, sea salt and algaes like spirulina and chlorella)

As every recipe on this page is raw, each one is also vegan and dairy-free.  Recipes often include nuts, and may contain gluten in the form of sprouted grains.  For more on raw foods, see blog on this website entitled, What is raw?



   Fiesta salad


Not tuna salad



   Healthiest pesto ever



Pistachio pesto



   Cashew sour cream



Pignoli ricotta cheese



   Raw zucchini pasta with sundried tomato sauce



Sprout salad


Sprouted quinoa tabouli

Sprouted lentil salad (coming soon)

Heirloom tomato caprese (coming soon)


Zucchini rolls (coming soon)

Raw fettuccine alfredo (coming soon)

Strawberry ice cream


Chocolate pudding





     Homemade almond milk




Homemade cashew milk


Jicama cheese fries



     "Almond cheese" salad




     Cheesy kale chips



Raw tomato soup


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